Episode 14 – Listing Lee

In this episode of The Joe La Rosa Show, we welcome Edward Lee, a highly successful real estate professional known as “Listing Lee.” Edward takes us on a captivating journey of how he found his way into the real estate industry, starting from his humble beginnings in the timeshare sector.

Edward shares how his initial foray into timeshare sales provided him with a solid foundation in customer service and sales skills. This invaluable experience laid the groundwork for his future success in the real estate market. Join us as Edward explains how he recognized the immense potential within the real estate industry and made the pivotal decision to transition into it.

With a strong desire to accelerate his growth and expertise, Edward sought the guidance of a coach and tapped into the powerful tools and resources offered by La Rosa Realty. Tune in to discover how these invaluable resources enabled Edward to build a thriving real estate business and establish himself as a respected professional in the field.

One fascinating aspect of Edward’s journey that he shares with us is his experience with door-knocking. He divulges the challenges and rewards of engaging with homeowners face-to-face, sharing anecdotes that showcase his tenacity and ability to secure listings through these interactions. As a result, he gained the moniker “Listing Lee,” a testament to his exceptional talent for attracting clients and obtaining coveted listings.

Join us for an inspiring conversation as Edward Lee unveils the secrets behind his rise to success, emphasizing the importance of customer service, sales skills, utilizing available tools, and his unique approach to door-knocking. Whether you’re a real estate enthusiast or an aspiring entrepreneur, this episode promises to be packed with valuable insights and actionable tips.

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